August 15

An Unexpected Adventure With a German Girl – August 12, 2018

It was a Sunday. I wake up around 10:00 am, as I usually sleep in, really bad habit I’ve developed over the years. A cup of tea and I’m back on my laptop watching some pickup videos on Youtube. 4:00 pm comes around and I realise that I need to get some fresh air. I take a shower, get dressed and head out.

In the city now, my plan is to buy some shoes and grab some food, but wait a minute… there’s a petite girl walking past me! Do I approach her or continue with my tasks? It’s so ingrained now, there is no stopping myself, I have to go say hi, at least. I run up, do a slow and steady front stop and pay her a compliment, “You look really artsy, with those colorful shoes and that matching outfit” . Beautiful girl I think to myself, eyes green and blue, petite little body, and a simplistic but artistic style. She responds well, thanking for the compliment and unsure if to stay or continue walking. I start to comment on her accent and try to guess where she is from. Hooked. She’s German. More assumptions and we start talking a bit about why she is here. “Traveling through America, alone”. Couldn’t get better than that!

Three minutes into the conversation and she cues for me to follow her to the park, and I do. We were both really relaxed, and I guess we were both enjoying the interaction – this is why she gave me that hint to follow her. When you’re not trying to achieve anything and you’re just enjoy the moment, good things happen.

While we make our way to the park, I ask her if she wants to get some tea and she agrees. We go to this coffee shop underneath the park, but all they have is coffee, so I lead and tell her that we will go to another  teashop across the street. We make our way back and arrive at my favourite tea shop (::::: why is it my favourite? Well because I took at least four girls here since starting Daygame, and the two Baristas whom work here always give me the “another one?!” eyes. But it’s cool though… because for me it’s like a game of how many girls can I bring here until they comment on it.

We get tea and head out, making our way back to the park. We walk around the park for a good hour or so, I initiate some touching here and there, but I can see that this girl is very aggressive, and doesn’t really understand how to flirt physically or verbally. Why? Well, she is only eighteen, so I don’t blame her for it. I tell her that it’s time we go, and that I am hungry. She sort of tries to imply that she wants me to take her, and so I do. I am really liking our little adventure because I feel like she is into it and it’s making me feel good.

As we head to the restaurant we notice that it is closed, so I change my mind and decide that my priority is to get shoes before the store closes and after, to get food. She again gives me a subtle hint that she wants to come with, to the point where she says, “Let’s go get your shoes first and then we can go eat”. After buying shoes I take her to Shake Shack, nothing fancy but I’m not looking to stay out too long. We go back to the park, eat and just talk. Again I initiate some touching, this time she’s a bit more comfortable and is touching back, but only for a few seconds. After eating we walk around some, me trying to compare hand sizes and playfully holding her hand, she reciprocates but only for a few seconds before pulling away. Maybe she’s just nervous?

At this point I didn’t want to push it too much, so I told her I had to go back home. She’s staying here for four days, so I still have some time to continue this little romance. I walk her back to her Hostile as we talk about music and what instruments she plays. As we arrive in front of her Hostile I just talk to her a bit more, and try to figure out what she has planned for the next four days. I give her a hug goodbye, and then a kiss on both cheeks and try to go in for the kiss, but she rejects it. Staying calm and cool I say, “It’s a tradition, I do this with my family, I can’t leave without it”. She playfully comments back by saying “I am not your mother”, and I just accept it and say “Alright, come here than”. I pick her up and do a spinning hug, and she excitedly tells me that I’m crazy. I say bye and tell her we will continue our adventure.

What happened on Sunday was very unexpected, in the back of my mind I was actually thinking to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool if I went on a instant date today?”, and I guess the Universe just created the experience for us. After this occurrence I was thinking of all the times I didn’t stop girls because I made excuses. What if I had stopped them though? What type of adventures would I have come across? I mean seriously! Every time you see an attractive girl and you don’t take that chance, you are missing out on an experience of a lifetime! And all you need to do is just say hi….. like damn!

August 13

TK Daygame Journal #7: First Daygame Lay This Year

Let me just preface this by saying that I had gotten a Daygame lay in the past, when I was actively going out, this was during the summer of 2017. So technically this is the second “Daygame” lay.


Day 1

It all started on Sunday. I was feeling drained because of work and daygaming during the week, had my adrenaline levels going crazy and this put me in a really hazy mood. Decided on that day that I was going to take a little trip to the Botanical Gardens and just spend the day observing nature and unwinding from all the stresses of the week. Hopped on the cta, relaxed and was listening to some yummy jazz. A few stops in I noticed a cute girl that just got on and I was like “okay, she looks cute”. She wore all black, and had short brunette hair which matched her height, and her eyes, oh wow! they were beautiful, dark and like the colour of chocolate.

I was thinking to myself, “how do I talk to her while on the train? there are so many people watching, it will be weird?”. By this point I realised that I wasn’t going to speak to her in this situations, I just didn’t know how to, and had to much anxiety about the whole senario. The train started to slow down and eventually came to a halt, doors opened and she was gone.

I stood up and thought to myself “fuck it”, might as well and made my way out the doors in a haste. Once we exited the train station I slowly approached her from the side, as she slowed down to look at her phone. I said, “Hey, I know that this is random but I thought you look really nice. What I noticed about you was your dark outfit, like you are a waiter or something”. This worked because she was wearing like those half aprons with pockets, plus it was a bit dirty so I teased her about that. We got into a natural conversation almost from the start, she was very open. One thing I noticed was that she was sort of having a hard time smiling (with her eyes), and later realised that she was just exhausted from working all day, and that it wasn’t because of me. Just wanted to mention that because it was an eye opening moment understanding that girls are human too, and they feel shitty at times as well. We spoke for about five minutes, and I ended with a number and a sort of kiss on the cheek.


Day 2

After texting back and forth we setup a date for Thursday, which went by pretty fast. My text game is OKAY, but it’s not great, although it is improving with every single instance. I keep my texting to a minimal, very short and flirty, if possible. Anyways… a few days went by and here I was leaving work to go meet her. She arrived a bit earlier than I did and that’s because I worked a bit later than usual.

Greeted her with a hug or a kiss on the cheek I think, don’t remember. But at the very beginning I was relaxed and didn’t put much pressure on the situation, just made it seem like two friends that just met. I was looking at the buildings and the people, and not trying to initiate a conversation right away. A lot of people, when they first meet someone, whether it’s a tinder date or a day 2, will try to initiate conversation. This is a way for them to feel secure about making sure the girl feeling comfortable, but it has the opposite effect. Don’t put so much pressure on the girl from the beginning, just make it seem like you two already know each other, and just slow down.

We spoke a bit about her work and my work before deciding to head to a bubble tea place. I already had this in mind before meeting her, I really wanted some bubble tea. We walked there, and spoke a bit more about her life and why she moved to another state. She spoke a bit about her roommates and how they were guys, and about their drinking habits. I turned this topic into her being touched by her roommates, while touching her playfully. She reacted very well to these little touches and so I continued. I did a lot of physical escalation in the first ten minutes of walking to the bubble tea place, because I noticed that she felt comfortable with this. Eventually getting to a point where she started to hold my arm, like those old couples. At this point I knew she was into me and into this whole adventure thing, so I just let my personality out.

We arrived at the bubble tea place, I offered to pay and she refused the offer, telling me she liked to pay for herself. I took this as a bit feministy, but right away reframed it and just accepted that she wanted to feel independent, and that was fine. The bubble tea shop was located inside a University building that also had an adjoining library, and we went there. She noticed a Harry Potter book that was out of the way we were walking but I just followed the moment and made myself excited about switching directions just to look at the book, part of being present. We walked around for a bit longer and I realised that my bubble tea straw was too narrow so I couldn’t get the tapioca through, and noticed that her straw was also the narrow kind. I said “let’s get some bigger straws, because I actually want to enjoy this yummy tea” with a smirk and she followed.

After getting the new straws we headed into the basement part of the library, where they had books on Psychology and Self-help. We were walking along and I noticed a cat book, with photos, and picked it up spontaneously. While looking at the photos together, and commenting on which cat was her and which was I, I lead her to a spot beside the music section. We spend the next hour there, just talking about her theatre life and her other passions, I wasn’t really talking much about myself (something I need to get better at). Eventually I made excuses to touch her, like commenting on her tattoo, and how soft her hands were, and such. We than started to talk a bit about long hair, and got to the point of tiing each other’s pony tails, and then braiding each other’s hair. After about an hour of so of playing around and getting to know one another we decided to head out. She wanted to go to the library, the actual library. By this point we were holding hands and playfully touching each other.

We got to the library and headed upstairs to where the pianos where. Taking the escalator all the way up, there were like eight levels so we switched escalators every level. At around the 6th level I made her go in front of me, she turned around while I took her hands and told her that this was like a movie scene, she smiled and I went in for a kiss. She reciprocated and kissed me back. We ran up the escalators and got to the reception lady, got the key for the piano room and went in. I was surprised at how well she could play the piano, she was playing really complex songs, although she couldn’t read notes, haha. We couldn’t stay in the rooms for too long because the library was going to close soon, so after jamming out a bit and talking more we left. It was around 9:40 pm, the sun was going down as we were making our way in the street. I think I asked her what she had to do tomorrow, and she told me she had work at 5:00 pm and that she didn’t really have to be home. She was in a very adventurous mood and I could see it, so I asked her if she wanted to come back to my place, telling her that there was a ping pong table, and also Billards. She said “why not?” and we headed for the train.

While waiting for the train we talked more about passions, travel and just general stuff. Train arrived, we got on and and got off 15 minutes later. I purposefully moved close to the downtown area so that if I ever had a chance for a Daygame lay, logistics would not interfere. I live with three other roommates, whom are Indians, but they are almost always in their room, and one shares the livingroom with me, but I bought some Japanese room dividers to separate us. After arriving at “my” place we went to my little section behind the room dividers, my roommate wasn’t there at the moment, but he arrived a bit later. I setup the bed or rather mattress because I keep it perched against the wall, blankets, pillow, done. She sat on it and started to ask me questions about how is it living here. I got a beer, I only had one in the fridge and so we shared it while smoking her Juul.

After some time I began touching her by comparing our hand sizes, and feeling her skin by asking how soft it was. Once I know that the girl likes me, touching becomes natural and I don’t fear doing it. She really enjoyed being touched so I put her arms over my shoulders and started to kiss her, we kissed really passionately for a good ten minutes until I stopped. I didn’t want to rush it. After drinking a bit more of the beer and talking I kissed her again, but this time there was no stopping. I started to kiss her neck, her shoulders and feeling her body. Every time I kissed her neck she started to breath really heavy and that just made me really horny. I was paying close attention to how I was making her feel, whether she wanted for me to go further, and obviously she did because she was loving it. Two or three time she said that we weren’t going to have sex, and I just said “okay”. Eventually I made my way down to her stomach and her hips (love kissing the hips!). Started to touch her over her panties, by now she was making subtle moaning noises. I put one finger inside her panties and started to finger her tight, wet pussy. It got to the point where I told her that I was going to put on a condom, she didn’t resist this, so we started fucking. I penetrated her for a good 10 – 20 minutes, doing different positions, but was so tired that I couldn’t continue. I took my dick out and told her I need to take a little nap because I was exhausted, she laid down with me and we cuddled and talked a bit about her insecurities, until I fell asleep.

My roommate returned and the noise woke me up, it was only 20 minutes after falling asleep, she was still awake. She kind of started to rub her ass against my cock and I got horny real quick. I took my dick out and put her hand on it, and she started to jerk me off, like really sensually. After some of this, I again started kissing her neck while she began moaning. I put my hand over her mouth and told her to shut up, and this really turned her on. I grabbed her hips, stuck out her ass (sideways), and penetrated her. Had my hand over her mouth and kept of telling her to be quiet, but in a slow, low voice right in her ear. This shit was so hot! honestly. My erection was hard as a rock, and I kept on pounding her, with the roommate literally on the other side of the dividers, which made it even more exciting. Ended up cuming and that was it. We also had sex in the morning which was fun.


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July 16

TK Daygame Journal #6: Being Patient And Why “Not” to Overreact When Girls Don’t Respond

I haven’t been journaling all of my daygame sets for about a week now, this is because I naturally intergrate the daygame practice into my everyday life. When I see someone I like I just approach and talk to them, and yes there are times when I feel anxiety, but the reality is if I don’t talk to her she will be gone forever. My daygame practice days are now Tuesday, Thursday and most likey Saturday, keeping it real simple. Tomorrow there should be a journal, and maybe some audio if I can figure out how to record it.

I’ve been getting dates here and there, got one last week, and also another one over the weekend. Two cute girls, one from Colombia, really adorable but a bit closed up, and than the other, petite Mexican girl with a bit of a wild personality (we ended up making out). I met these two on the street while doing daygame one day, and while going to meet one for a date another day. I learnt over many years of doing Tinder game and also from past daygame reference that texting has to be kept to a minimum. You meet her, text her “it was random, but interesting meeting you” and add something that is related to what you both talked about, can be flirty but doesn’t have to be. These girls were into me so they didn’t flake, and texted back. I think I did too much texting with the Colombian one because I was really into her, but eventually she agreed on meeting me. I could have just kept on texting her over and over again and she would have probably assumed that I am really desperate and never showed. This is where patience comes in…

Your patience is one quality which you really have to be aware of, and always keep in check. If you become impatient, you will send needy texts, and portray yourself as a “needy guy”, and you don’t want to do that. Girls have a bunch of guys who text them constantly, over and over again, until the girl is just like “fuck this guy” and blocks him, or just never responds. Not a lot of men approach women during the day time, but girls still have guys from Tinder, and that drunk guy from the bar, so you need to separate yourself from these fools. And if you’re constantly bombarding her phone with “hey! are you free today?”, “hey, let me take you out for coffee”, she will get annoyed. Text her once, if she doesn’t respond just be patient, send her something cheeky and relatable, but never give in to the urge of thinking that she won’t respond, just give her time, she might just be “testing” you. So what if she doesn’t respond? Well one is that she might not be into you, and second, she might had seen the message but just forgot about it. This is where you would send another fun/ cheeky message, something like “OMG! have you been taken? I must call Liam Neeson ;)”. Could be similar to this, just a fun little little text to get her attention, but nothing to absurd. And than go from there, if she responds. If she doesn’t, just let her go.

Being a patient person is really important because it teaches you how not to react when your thoughts and emotions are controlling your actions. You need to chill out and just observe how you feel, and look from a third-person’s perspective. Meditation helps to develop a calm and patient mind, I’d recommend daily practice of about twenty minutes. You will learn all of this as you duelve deeper into seduction, girls will not text you back, you will get angry and think you did something wrong. Just keep on getting those numbers, that is the best way to become aware of this aspect of patience. Good luck!

If you want to ask a question, or share a story, shoot me an email at Thanks for reading!

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July 10

TK Daygame Journal #5: Minor Successes


We all want that one girl, who will stop in her tracks with big eyes and a gorgeous smile, eagerly wanting to give away her number. But reality is not this. Women don’t stop just for anyone, they have things to do, places to be, and you’re just some dude, no better than the overly enthusiastic canvasser next to you. But you both want the same, you both want to gain, and gaining won’t happen until you can learn to give.

I might have over-gamed this week, hitting the streets four days during the weekdays, and also an extra session on Saturday with my friend. At the beginning of the week the anxiety was high, and the approaches were low. There was a few compliments here, and few conversation there, but nothing overly exciting. Finally arriving at Friday some results started to show. I was out solo, the streets were busy with working girls, most dressed in casual attire. “There goes one and there goes another one” I think to myself, still nervous to get the first one out of the way. I knew that if I didn’t do the next one I would most likely not do the one after that. I took out five dollars, and told myself that every time I don’t approach one dollar goes into the other pocket, and if five end up there, than I have to head back home and I lose the money. I guess this was good physical representation of loss, and it encouraged me to begin.

I ended up doing two solid sets that day, and concluded with a number and also an instagram connect.

The first set was a girl whom I noticed from across the street, she was short, tan and cute. My initial reaction when spotting her was not to approach because she was too far away, but once I saw her there was no going back, the dollars were eagerly squirming in my pocket, but I wasn’t going to let them have their victory. I trailed behind her for a good minute because of others being in the way, along the way trying to rationalise that this wasn’t creepy. I finally got in-front, doing a well executed front stop. I gave her a cheeky smile, and spoke slowly, assuming that she was a model because of the way she dressed. And then making another assumption about her being an artist because she looked really creative. After the second assumption she hooked and we had a light and fun conversation about art. I told her a bit about myself, and she seemed pretty interested because she kept on asking me questions. I ended with a number, and a nervous but cute little goodbye.

The second approach was pretty casual. Girl was walking towards me, we made eye contact, one she passed me I turned around and did the front stop. Again, something about her looking creative, and assuming she was an artist, but she wasn’t. She was really into the whole senario from the very beginning, therefore she did all the work, asking questions and all. The interaction was a bit surreal, and I think that is because we just didn’t vibe. I ended up with her instagram, and we are sort of messaging on and off.


Than came Saturday…

Saturday was the day I met my wing, he lives pretty far from the city so we only go out together once a week. We hit the streets, both feeling relaxed and ready to roll. I approached around six different girls, four of them were Mexican chicks, one Colombian, and I think one American girl. I ended up getting one number from a Mexican girl, also the Colombian, but the rest only ended in either “thanks, I have a boyfriend” or just not stopping whatsoever. I can’t really remember the conversations with all the girls, so I am not able to write specific details down, apologies. Although, with the Colombian, I saw her walking towards me, she had shades on and looked real bitchy, and I told myself “that’s not my type of girl”. My friend encouraged me to approach, and I realised that my thoughts were very inaccurate. I made a judgment based off of the way she looked, and she was not what I expected. She was cute, a bit bitchy (that was correct), but very down-to-earth, and of course from Colombia. I extracted a lot of effort at the beginning doing all the talking, but when I went for the number she started to ask a lot of questions, such as: “what’s your job?”, “do you go to school?”, “why are you in the city?”, and this gave away that she was actually into me. But I didn’t notice until I messaged her and she sent me very hyperactive messages, where she did a lot of questioning, and called me “mysterious”. We are texting at the moment, but my text-game is pretty shit, and needy, so need to work on that.

That was session number six, I think. I am not really counting these because I started to do Daygame everywhere I go now, so if I see an attractive girl I just conversate with her. I have been doing this for the past three days, and it’s really lovely because it arises from impulse rather than a set goal. More journals to come soon…

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July 3

TK Daygame Journal #4: Meeting Another Daygamer and An Unexpected Two Set


Another beautiful day today, the sun was out, the air was pure and cozy, and so were the ladies. All passing with their own beauty, some with big brown eyes and some with dark brunette hair that perfectly followed behind as they walked. It’s all there, everyday, we just have to leave our comfort and go after it. Is it sex we’re seeking, friendship we want, or just to escape our depression. I wonder myself, “what is it that I want from this?” and I get all these answers. But truly I don’t know yet, I haven’t really experienced anything. At this moment, the important thing is just to take action.

I daygamed on Saturday (July 30) with one other person, some guy from the nearby suburbs. He was chill, low energy and actually took action – which inspired me to take action. I approached a few girls here and there, mostly accomplishing nothing but simple compliments, and eventually having two conversations. The first interaction only ended with “I have a boyfriend”, and I could have continued but I just got stuck. The second girl was a beautiful Mexican girl, traveling here as a flight attendant for the day. She was carrying a pizza box, which I noticed and immediately thought of a flirty stack. I did the front stop on her, she stopped big eyed and a bit confused, I told her I noticed her and her big pizza box and told her that it was for me and how much I needed to pay her. She responded with “22”, and giggled a bit, but was still a little confused (but in a cute way). I then immediately went into the opener, saying “I’m joking, but I thought you looked really nice, and I like you eyes. you look a bit mexican”, and she was. After this we had about a 5 minute conversation about what she was doing, where she was from and just basic stuff, I also had to speak a bit of Spanish because her English wasn’t good (my Spanish is not that great either). I ended up getting her instagram.

I had to go to work for a few hours, until about 7:00 pm. At this time I messaged her and asked her if she wanted to meet up because she was only here for the day, she responded briefly after asking where I was. I sent long and sort of confusing messages, when I should have just said “let meet here, at this time” but shit…. She eventually left the city and went back to her hotel, which was too far away so I just gave up.

Daygame-text-message-beginner-takkamil Daygame-text-message-beginner-takkamil Daygame-text-message-beginner-takkamil

So that was it for Saturday.

Today was Monday, and I also went out, but most of my sets were brisk, and didn’t go anywhere. I was confused today because I wasn’t sure what to focus on, and that kind of ruined my session; need to be better prepared for next time. BUT… there was one that was unexpected, maybe a gift from the Daygame Gods. I was sitting at a Cafe and these two girls sat opposite of me, I noticed that they were both international students, so after waiting for about five minutes and finally forcing “Sorry, I know this is random, but are you guys not from here?” out things escalated and we had sex. Haaaaa! just joking. But I did have a nice conversation with them about their program and did a bit of teasing here and there. They seemed pretty on, and I took their Instagram details. They are only here for about a month and don’t know anyone because they are just here to study English, so hopefully this story will continue… (;

One thing that I have to add to this is that recently I’ve been feeling more motivated to go out, and yes there’s anxiety here and there, but it’s not something that is stopping me. I only feel motivated to do this and was even considering going out to do night-game because of NoPMO, and this might seem rediculous but it’s the truth. Fapping makes me lazy and for some reason I just don’t feel the drive to do stuff. But I have taken my fapping habits down to about once a week, so I should be fine. Ok, that’s all. See ya next time!




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June 29

TK Daygame Journal #3: The Struggle of Solo Daygame


And another day of daygaming in the big city, plowing through the streets trying to fulfil my sexual needs. But on some days things just don’t go that well, maybe it’s the excuses or the anxiety, but it just stops you from doing what you want to do. Today was one of those days, I just wasn’t able to approach anyone. My mind was going round and round with stupid excuses, such as “your backpack is too heavy”,”you don’t have water”, “you’re not prepared”, and on and on. This eventually caused exhaustion and my daygame session was over. I didn’t approach anyone today, sad I know. I spend around an hour just walking around the streets, until I said “fuck it” and made my way back home.

Am I upset at myself? Of course! I could have used that time more efficiently, and actually approached someone, but I didn’t. But you learn things every time you leave the house, and this is what happened today. The failure of not accomplishing anything started a fire inside me, and showed me things that I didn’t realise before. Like, yes bringing my backpack with me is a stupid thing to do, it makes me feel uncomfortable carrying all the weight for no reason, and secondly I need to pump up my state a bit before hitting the streets. Because when I daygame I am usually not in a good mood, and I depend on daygame to get me out of my depression, but that’s the wrong mindset. I need to spread a positive vibe, and bring the good energy into the interactions, rather than leeching of off other people.

Still, this is the beginner phase, and I am not ready to give in. I will continue until I understand the fundamentals, and master the skill-sets. Days like this will occur and I must learn to accept them and just analyse and improve.

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June 21

TK Daygame Journal #2: Why Are You Waiting For Motivation!?


Today I was listening to a Podcast, but one of my favourite Daygamers – Tom Torero. He was speaking about beginners, and how they wait until they are motivated, to go out and do Daygame. But it’s not like this, he said, motivation is a result of action, not the other way around. You can wait for your little motivation, and it might show, but it will depart as fast as it came, and that’s just the truth. Daygame, or anything that requires effort has to be done through your own will, and your own conscious effort, whether you’re feeling inspired or depressed.

Today was day numero dos…

I was at home, sitting in my sisters room and reading about Daygame, and how to do it (no she wasn’t home). While studying the beginners guide to daygaming, weird thoughts started to pop up. “Just stay home. You really need to learn how to do this first, otherwise you will embarrass yourself”. After a couple of these I started to questions myself… Why am I thinking like this right now? And the answer came! “You’re afraid”, and yes I was. I had no motivation to go out, and I’m obviously still a noob at this, so the excuses will be inexhaustible. But I just realised that if I stay home, no progress will happen, and the hole will only deepen. It’s through action that we rise, and attain knowledge. So I made a choice, and it was to leave the house, even if I walk around downtown for hours not approaching, I will still be “taking action!”.

I am not going to write out all the details, because I think it’s a bit “too much” for only doing one solid set, but I will write the statistics.

I approached about 4 girls in the first hour of arriving, I knew that my process had to be sped up, otherwise I would just be wasting precious time. The approaches were “okay” but not great, I messed up the front approach a few times, and ran out of things to say in the first 10 seconds of the interaction. Although, I got pass the compliment and tried focusing on slowing down a bit because on the first day I was talking way to fast. All the interactions ended quickly and I was okay with that, because this was the first time, in a while, that I actually tried to have a conversation.

There was one set that did go well though, this was during the second hour. Cute girl, dark hair and slim body, walked pass me, I turned around and went after her. Front stop was great, gave her enough space, but I think I spoke a bit too fast, did notice it though and slowed down. Did my short stack “you look like a spy, wearing all black, are you on a mission?”, not the best but it worked. She giggled, I gave a few assumptions “are you Mexican, because you have those big brown eyes and dark hair”, she seemed interested of how I knew, I told her I had a Mexican girlfriend, haha. I tried to keep the conversation really minimal, not speaking too much. She actually did most of the talking, asking me questions, so the interaction was pretty smooth. After talking a bit about her and her school, we traded numbers and went our separate ways. I later ran into her, right after approaching another girl, not sure if she saw or not, but who cares – she will probably not text me back anyways.

Right now it’s a learning process, and I learned from much experience not too judge anything at the very beginning because this is just the discovery phase. It might take weeks upon weeks to actually get good at this stuff, but as long as I go out, and try, that is all that matters to me for right now. Please don’t sit home all day trying to figure out how to do this stuff, that will never teach you anything, it will only hold you back. The more you read, the more tension you will feel, start with compliments, and then just try to have conversations, doesn’t even have to be aimed towards a sexual outcome, but it should (; Also direction openers are okay, but if that is all your doing, it will be really hard to transition into Daygame because you body will be conditioned towards indirect game rather than direct game.

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June 20

TK Daygame Journal #1: Ahhh Fuck The Beginner Phase


This is something that I haven’t done in a while. It has been more than six months since the last time I’ve done a proper approach, a cold approach. Other than that, I had a very religious girlfriend in the last six months, and also tried hooking up with some girl that I was working with, but that didn’t work out because she was married.

I’ve done Daygame before, and I’ve done it a lot. But I’ve never really fully committed, I kind of just learned one thing here and another thing there. But the puzzle was never solved, or I never learned the skillset of how to solve it. I am more confident now, and I am more internally stable because I learnt a lot about who I am through doing Daygame in the past. But to truly learn something you must go all in and be immersed in it for a while, because a few “lucky” experiences don’t really teach you what you set out to learn.

Today was Day one two I’d say. I did a couple approaches before I started counting the days, but this was mostly asking for directions or just a really bad attempt at a compliment. Today, after I got out of work I hit the streets, half fatigued, but ready. I walked around for about twenty minutes until I did my first compliment.

She came to a stop as the light changed colour, from green to yellow and then red. She stood on the opposite side of the street, with her long black her and her tall, lean and sexy legs. I got nervous of course, but I knew that if I skip this one, I’d skip the next one too. As the cross light flickered and turned white, she headed my way. I slowly made my way to cross, feeling a bit of tension in my neck, but I knew I had to do it. I turned around and pursued after her, increasing my pace until I made eye contact and did a front approach. In my head: “Shit, I think I came a bit too close” I gave her a compliment but it wasn’t enough, she looked at me a bit nervous and confused and kept walking. Standing there, feeling like an idiot, but fuck “should I go after her again?”, but nerves were too eager to leave. “Just get over it” and that’s what I did.

Walking around for another ten minutes, trying to conjure up the courage to approach more women, but unable to. I saw her. Her red hair, pale but gentle skin, truly beautiful. She walked pass me, and I’m just thinking to myself, “should I?!”. She was already nearly a block away, but I just couldn’t let this go. I turned around, feeling pumped, and I knew that I needed to push myself. She stood on the corner, waiting for someone, maybe trying to contact someone. Accidentally she caught my gaze, but just for a split second, and me pretending like I didn’t noticed here. Closer now and “Hi there! I just noticed you from over there and thought you look really nice. You outfits looks really, really!!! good together. Are you from here?”. Her replying “No. Sorry, I am late for my train”. Disappointment filling my body, because I didn’t know how to continue, “oh, that’s okay. Well, just wanted to give you a compliment, have a good one!”.

Ya, so what! I ain’t the best, but at least I am putting myself out there, and finally taking action. This is just the beginning, and the beginning is difficult, it’s unfamiliar and unstructured. But I will get through it, practice and improve, that’s how nature works. These were my first legit cold approached since a while now, I feel rusty and unable to portray my character yet. But I will keep it going until I get back on track.

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April 2

April 2, 2018: Masturbation and The Root Chakra

Like I said in my previous journal, porn is most likely the catalyst to all of my problems. And it’s not that porn has a direct effect which causes these problems, but it acts as a catalyst to other negative behaviours, which then lead to problems. Problems such as: laziness, procrastination, anxiety, and so on.

For the past 7 days I’ve been on track though. Been working almost everyday, and when I finish work, I come home, exercise and work on YouTube or whatever I have to work on. I would say that overcoming my porn addiction isn’t about will-power, it’s about the mindset and initiative to change. First you set your mind, and you have to do it in a grand way. So when I quit, I fapped like three time consecutively, deleted all my history on both my phone and laptop, downloaded a safe browser on my phone and found myself an accountability buddy. Oh, I also made it clear in my mind that I will stop watching porn, I also mark the days on a calendar. When you quit like this, it gives you momentum for like 3 – 5 days, and after that you need these reminders, such as the porn blocker or an accountability buddy to keep you on track, until the addiction dies.

I’ve been getting urges here and there, but I have reminders now that change the way I think when I get into that addict mindset. I think my favourite reminder in the calendar. I am a firm believer in chakras and spirituality, since I’ve experienced astral projection myself.


Our base chakra is the Root Chakra, it is represented in the red colour. The red colour represents survival, sexual drive, and physicality. Sexual drive is a fundamental piece to our being. And if it’s not controlled, all the other chakras will be out of balance. It’s a rather simple analogy: A tree has roots, which stabilise the tree, and supply the tree with nutrients to grow. Same like the root chakra. The root chakra is called the “root” chakra because it is a fundamental supply of energy and stability to all the other chakras. If this chakra is out of balance, all the other chakras are out of balance. Capish? So if you can’t control your urges, you will be out of balance, and will not be able to evolve spiritually to the NEXT LEVEL. Here is a video explaining how you discharge when you have an orgasm:

Once you have learned to control the base chakra, than you can begin working on the next chakra and so on. I have no clue what happens when you master all of your chakras, but I believe that the chakras were created as a metaphor for the stages of our spiritual evolution. And this all makes sense. If you’re not able to control the base chakra, how do you expect yourself to make wise decisions. Masturbation sinks you down into a primitive mindset, you do not think logically when you masturbate, you just crave something so bad that the urge is all you focus on. It’s like rape, there is not logic behind it. And porn was created to enhance masturbation, but it’s just a really bad add-on, because it just amplifies the negative effects of masturbation.

Well, that is all I have to say about porn and masturbation as of now… More content coming soon.

Thanks for reading my journal guys!






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March 28

March 27th, 2018: Time For Change, Fuck Porn.

Sometimes in life we go through stages where we feel down, most of our day is spent doing nothing that will push us to grow. We spend hours and hours either watching youtube videos on our phones, or we spend that time in a wasteful way. We have thoughts that are either there just to occupy our minds or for worse toxify our minds.

I’ve been going through these kind of cycles for a while now, but it’s time to get out. To be honest getting out of these kind of cycles is hard, and for me, what was keeping me stuck, were distractions; and a lack of purpose. There was also another major factor to my procrastination, it was porn and masturbation.

I guess everything started with porn… I would either wake up in the morning really tired, or I wouldn’t wake up at all. Why? Well the night before I would stay up until 2:00 AM searching for porn gifs. And why wouldn’t I do this earlier so I could go to sleep early? I had porn-blockers on my phone, so finding porn would take a really… really long time haha. So fucked up, I know. I would spend maybe 3 – 4 hours just browsing the internet until I found those couple good gifs that I could wack to. When I would finish it would already be like 1 – 2 AM.

This little perverted habit of mine went on for probably 2 – 3 months. And I would always tell myself I will stop after this one, but I never did. I kept on going and going… Now this is like the 3rd month in and my mind is in a really bad state because I can notice negative behaviour arising due to the anxiety caused by porn. I was fine three months ago, I totally quit porn and I was happy, was being social and productive, but the downhill soon came after. I now realise that a lot of my negative momentum comes from porn. Porn isn’t the only negative behaviour that causes my procrastination, but it causes the momentum which leads to bad actions and those lead to procrastination and anxiety.

I now believe that I am done with porn. I want to change the way things are in my life. It’s been a while now since I had a realisation like this and had this type of energy to make a difference in my life. The other day I created this calendar to keep myself reminded of what I need to do. I still need to create some addition reminders and maybe a note that I can read on a daily basis to remind me of my reasons, but it’s a good start. For the past two days I’ve been exercising and meditating and I’m proud of this. I obviously still have many things to overcome, like my tendencies to watch youtube videos, or just in general browse the internet for pointless shit, but I will overcome these. Maybe I can just throw away my phone? Another thing is that I need to become better at planning my actions out, because without a schedule or a to do list I start to waste a lot of time; and this is something I need to learn.

Let’s be real here. Porn is obviously not the cause to all of your personal issues. A lot of people watch porn and jack-off to it and they do just fine in life. But for me, personally, it’s one major behaviour that disqusts me and if I do it I just feel like I lost. This than creates a bad mindset and puts me into a negative momentum which distorts my goals, and eventually leads me into a cycle of shit. If overcoming porn is not of an importance to you, it probably won’t effect you as much because the action won’t cause negative thoughts. But of course, if you overindulge, you will most likely become desensitised to other pleasures and you will feel less happy, and this can cause plenty of issues on its own. But anyways, porn is something that I find morally wrong, and a fundamental flaw to personal and spiritual growth, so I must stop.

So today is the third day of quitting porn, exercising and meditating, and I will continue on. I will see you in the next journal,

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